We are looking at preparing the church for the restoration of this generation so it will stand through the test of time. The Lord is doing it out of His love for His people. God has given us this dispensation of time to do something significant for Him. We have been made for this time and for God’s purpose.

We can prepare the church for the next move of God. This generation cannot repair and restore themselves, those pre-this generation are essential. If they withhold what they have, the church will suffer. With righteousness comes change. God has already come and He has been moving. He has been reconciling His people back unto Him. Change can only come through righteousness. We are excited about change because we know it is time to move forward.

2019 Theme: Preparing the Church through Recovering, Rebuilding, and Repairing this Generation.
Jesus came to receive the lost. He came to rebuild the lost and to repair, heal, and strengthen the lost. God is calling us to righteousness to serve a righteous cause. The righteous cause are His people. All of us need to be involved in this cause. People in His bondage that are living a lie that they and God doesn’t want them to live. God is calling us to restore this generation.

  1. Recovering those who are lost.
    1. a) Recovering those who are lost, those who are unsaved, and those that are alienated.
    2. b) Recovering those who are searching for the truth of who God is.
    3. c) Recovering those that we have lost.
  2. Rebuilding relationships.
    1. a) We need to rebuild our relationship with God.
    2. b) Some relationships need to be reordered. We need to rebuild our relationship with
    3. c) We need to rebuild our relationship with the church.
  3. Repair some bridges and gaps in our lives.
    1. a) Repair breaches or gaps, knowledge.
    2. b) Repair character.

New Series: A Call to Righteousness
God is calling us to righteousness. Change is only possible through righteousness. The Lord is calling us to righteousness through a righteous cause. God wants us to be right with him on the inside. He wants our hearts to be right. Success with God begins in our hearts.

Intent: Realize and understand and accept the invitation the Lord is giving us to be right with Him.
Purpose: That we would rise to a new level of righteousness.
Goals: That we will serve a righteous cause.


If we don’t rise to another level of righteousness, then we cannot know god fully. We can’t experience the power of the holy spirit. We are here for a righteous cause; recovering those who are lost, rebuilding what has been torn down and repairing some bridges. God is calling us to righteousness. With a call to righteousness comes a call to respond to a righteous cause.