God is calling us to righteousness. God is calling us into the right position. God wants to do something new in each and everyone of us.


2019 Theme: Preparing the Church through Recovering, Rebuilding, and Repairing this Generation.
We must rise to a new level of righteousness. We need to change the relationship that we have with God. We know when we are not right in our hearts.


  1. To challenge us to rise to a new level of righteousness. 
  2. To prove our love for God’s people. 

Purpose: That we will establish ourselves as being trustworthy.

  1. To be trustworthy to carry forth the work. 
  2. To be used by God to do His work.

Goals: That we will serve a righteous cause.

1) Why is God calling us to righteousness.
2) What is righteousness.
3) How to be righteous.
4) The benefit of righteousness.
5) Moving from religion to relationship.
6) Raising up the standard of righteousness.
7) How to respond to the call.

Subtitle: How to be righteous.
When we are not in God’s will, then we are not in the right position with Him. We must come into agreement with Him. Righteousness brings us into oneness with His will. There is a right way and a wrong way. The right way is God’s will. God is the ultimate authority.

1) To be righteous, we have to take responsibility for our relationship with God.
We received it as a gift, but now we have to take responsibility for it. We have to be answerable to God regarding our relationship with Him.
a) We have to assess our relationship.
b) We have to submit to His authority.
c) We have to examine ourselves.
d) We have to seek to know Him through the word of God.

2) To be righteous, we have to know the will of God.
I can’t be in oneness with His will if I don’t know it.
a) We have to identify God’s will through His word.
b) We have to know the will of God by His spirit.
c) We have to study God’s word.

3) To be righteous, we have to obey the will of God.
We must obey the will of God even if we don’t want to. Obedience brings us into oneness with God. We cannot have peace until we know and obey God’s will. Obedience brings us into a right position with God.
a) We must have a pure heart.
b) We have to be still.
c) We have to be prayerful.
d) Church facilitates doing the right thing and living the right way.

To obey the will of God when we don’t want to, we must have a pure heart, we have to be still, and we must be prayerful. Prayer strengthens our minds to do the will of God.