The Lord is calling us to restore this generation. If we are not in right position with God, we can find ourselves hurting those He wants to restore. God wants to do a new thing in us and through us. We cannot do something different externally if there is no change internally. We cannot do anything new externally if we are not new on the inside.


2019 Theme: Preparing the Church through Recovering, Rebuilding, and Repairing this Generation.
God sent Jesus to respond to a righteous cause, and as He does this, He is going to reach people that God love’s so that they realize that His promises are for them. We are here to take the word of God to His people. What God wants to do through us, is for the benefit of others, but we are also going to benefit. God is calling us to righteousness and to serve a righteous cause.


  1. To challenge us to rise to a new level of righteousness. 
    A new level means a change in our relationships with God; to have a more close and intimate relationship with God, when God speak,
    we hear and do.
  2. To prove our love for God’s people. 
    We cannot grow by hanging on to the old. We cannot mature spiritually by hanging on to the old.

Purpose: That we will establish ourselves as being trustworthy.

  1. To be trustworthy to carry forth the work. 
    God sent us here to do the works of Christ. He wants us to show the world who God is. Wants us to be light and to show others the relationship that He wants with all of His people.
  2. To be used by God to do His work.

Goals: That we will serve a righteous cause.

1) Why is God calling us to righteousness.
2) What is righteousness.
3) How to be righteous.
4) The benefit of righteousness.
5) Moving from religion to relationship.
6) Raising up the standard of righteousness.
7) How to respond to the call.

Subtitle: Why is God calling you to righteousness?

  1. God is calling you to righteousness because He loves the world.
  2. If we are not right, then we will condemn and judge those God sent us to restore. God loves those who He sent His only begotten son to die for (includes everybody). He loves those in the world as must as He loves those who are come out of the world. The church is not exclusive. If we don’t want others to come in or want to approve them, then we are not in right relationship with Him.

    God loves those who Jesus died for:

    • a) God loves those who are alienated and shut off from the light of God./li>
    • b) God loves those who are blind and can’t understand the truth.
    • c) God loves those who have been devalued
    • d) God loves those who are being held captive by sin.
    • e) God loves those who have an evil heart (a heart that is hardened).
  3. We have been chosen to represent Him and we have been qualified.


God is calling us to righteousness because God loves the world. Jesus dies for those who are alienated, who are blind, who has been devalued, who have been held captive and who have an evil heart. God is calling us to righteousness because we are judging those who are hurting. We are not here to condemn or to judge. We have been chosen and qualified to carry out the ministry of Jesus Christ.