God has given us an opportunity to prepare for His next move. We are here for God’s purpose. God wants to do something in us in order to do something through us, so that we can be a blessing to others.


2018 FTH Worldwide Theme: To Maximize and Strengthen the Dispensation of God given to us through Godly Change.
Our local church theme: Maximizing this dispensation that God has given us through preparing the church through the next move of God.
Intent: Make us aware of the dispensation that God has given us to fulfill His purpose.
Purpose: Cause us to be suitable for God’s purpose.
Goal: To be suitable to be used by God for His purpose.

All is necessary so that the next move of God will not fail. In order to be prepared, we need to get organized. We need to work on the inside to understand why we are here, who we are, and what we ought to do. We have been made with and for a purpose.

Series: Made for God’s Purpose
God has determined the times of our lives, it was established before we even came into the world. He determined the bounds of our habitations, our race, our culture, our family and our bodies. He had a purpose in mind and His purpose has a need for each of us. When we know who we are, everything changes. We must renew our minds.

Intent: That we know our purpose.
Purpose: To renew our mind and change our behavior.
Goals: To change the priorities of our life.

1) God knows you
2) God knows the times.
3) Why God made us
4) Consecrating ourselves.
5) The power to be who you are.

Goal: That we would change the priorities of our lives.
Subtitle: God knows you.


  1. God knows you.
    God knows you, the challenge is that you don’t know Him..
  2. a) God knows your weaknesses.
    Once you accepted Jesus Christ, you were born again, the Spirit of God came to settle in your heart and you became free. The limitations that you are fighting are in the flesh. But Jesus has an He knows your limitations and knows that you need help.
  3. b) God knows that we need help.
    You need help. You need Christ.
  4. c) The Lord knows how to help you.
    God helps you with His grace. God made you. He knows your weaknesses and He knows how to help you. You must let Him into your life to help you. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. The help that you need is God’s grace and Jesus is the access to His grace.
  5. d) The Lord knows where to help.
    The grace of God helps where we need help, in our weaknesses and limitations. That is why you don’t have to run from your weaknesses and your limitations, He supplies the help where you are weak. He supplies the help where you are limited. God’s help is activated when you obey.

    God made you, He knows what is in you, and He knows your potential. God knows you. You were made for His purpose. He knows your weaknesses, He knows how to help and He knows where to help. God helps you through His grace and His grace is activated when you obey Him.